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Where Do I find your RENTAL TERMS: 

Please visit:

How do I check in & out of my vacation home?  Check-in time is 4pm or any time later. To check into the property simply remove your key from the lockbox or use the given code for the electronic door lock and let yourself in to your new home! To check-out, after locking the home up securely place the key back in the lockbox if applicable and your all done. If your house has a key and Lock Box, th house keys must ALWAYS be placed back in the Lock Box when going out.

What do I do with the keys to the home when I leave?  The vacation rental home must be left locked when you leave. The keys must be returned to the lockbox every time you depart from the property.

What is provided at the vacation rental home?

Linens and towels are stocked for your use, please look after them. We do not provide washcloths as the Department of Hotels and Restaurants, feels that it was proving to be unsanitary.

There will be complimentary hand soaps and 1 roll of toilet paper in each bathroom and at least 1 handheld hairdryers for your use but you will need to buy a few essentials like: Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer, Shower gel, Shampoo, Toothpaste etc.

We also provide you with start up dishwashing and laundry detergent (2 tabs each) and first set of garbage bags. 

Your home is classified as SELF-CATERED accommodation, so please remember that while some basic items are supplied as a courtesy you will need to replenish these with your shopping, At the end of your stay, any supplies that are left will be very appreciated by the next guest, so please do not throw them away.

What happens if we arrive late, and are unable to obtain basic grocery items?  We understand that it is not always possible to control the time that you arrive at your vacation home. We also realize that after a long journey with small children the last thing you may want to do is take a visit to the grocery store.

We will be happy to provide on request a WELCOME PACKAGES of GROCERIES and ESSENTIALS

For more info see:

Can I reserve a vacation home at any time?  Peak season is generally over the summer months of June to September. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter are also considered peak times. If you are planning on going on holiday during these times, It is best to reserve your vacation home early.

How far in advance can I reserve a vacation home?  You can reserve your home up to one year in advance, reserving your vacation home early locks in the rental rates of the year that the booking is placed in.

Is there a minimum length of stay?  The standard minimum length of stay is 3 nights but might be longer during High Season/Holidays and can differ from property to property. We do not accept reservations for less than this period unless a special promotion is running. A cleaning fee might be added, depending on the length of your stay.

Can I smoke in the home?  All our homes are designated NON-SMOKING. NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND INSIDE THE HOME!  Smoking of is allowed in the pool areas and on balconies. Please always use an ashtray and Do not leave any cigarette stubs in the garden/deck area or we will need to charge you for clean up.

Are pets allowed?  No, pets are not allowed in our homes, if not specifically indicated. Should a pet be found in any home, you will be charged a minimum $250 fine.

What about pool usage? Each guest is responsible for the safety of themselves, their children and anyone else in their party. The pool is for the use of the guests who are staying in the vacation home only. Our pools are cleaned weekly and should the pool require extra treatment this may result in the pool being temporarily unusable. Such treatment will only be carried out by our pool maintenance service when required and unfortunately cannot be scheduled according to guest use.

What about pool Heating? Pool and/or Spa Heat must be ordered at least 2 days prior to arrival and for the entire duration of your stay. Pool Heaters and Spas are connected to the Pool Pump, which operates on a timer which is set to come on in the morning and turn off in the evening (runs for ca 8 hours). The Spa and Pool Heater will not work at night.

For more detailed information see Pool Heating Section in our Rental Terms:

How do Pool Heaters work? 

Pool and/or Spa heat must be ordered at least 2 days before arrival and for the entire length of your stay. Pool Heaters and Spas are connected to the Pool Pump, which operates on a timer, which is set to come on in the morning and turn off in the evening (runs for ca 8 hours). The Spa and Pool Heater will not work at night.

1. Electric Pool Heaters/exchangers  need to run for at least 24 hours in order to produce heat.

2. Electric Pool heaters only are heat exchangers and generate heat off the outside temperature, so if the outside temperature is 70 degrees the pool will eventually get to 70 degrees over a period of 24-48 hours then will increase by 1 degree per hour 

3. Electric Pool heaters/exchangers: Many of our pools are heated by electric heat pump. The desired water temperature is set at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to note that this temperature will not feel "hot" like a spa, nor warm like a bathtub. It is only meant to take the chill off the water so you may swim comfortably. When the air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit the pump (which sucks in air as part of its operation), although on and operating, may not be able to bring the water fully up to desired temperature. However, the operating costs remain the same and no refunds can be made should the water not reach temperature in this circumstance.Partial refunds can only be processed if pool heat is turned off upon request of guest for the remainder of the stay. Please note that Pool Heat ON/OFF Service is not available on Sundays/Holidays or might not be available same day as someone physically has to come out to the property!

4. A Gas Pool Heater operates independently of air temperature. It will heat your swimming pool more easily in lower temperatures than will a heat pump, which operates less efficiently in lower temperatures

5. Please do not attempt to adjust the pool heating yourself as it is very easy to break it and very expensive to fix.

6. Many of the properties have a Spa  please note this is NOT a Hot-Tub. The temperature of a spa is normally set at the same temperature as the main pool (Electric Pool Heater). Note: Please do not expect hot-tub temperatures to be available on spas with Electrical Pool Heaters. The pool temperature is set to reach a maximum of 86 degrees, in compliance with State Licensing regulations, spas and hot tubs are set to reach a maximum of 102 degrees, however integral pool spas may not reach 102 degrees as the water is being filtered through the pool as well. 

Can I use a barbecue grill?  We can provide you with a rental barbecue for an additional fee of $75 per week if your home does not come with one. Rental BBQs include a full tank of propane and Grill Utensils.

All barbecues should be used with caution. Please note that outdoor grilling is permitted only in designated areas. Grilling on pool decks, balconies or within screened porches is prohibited by law.

If you use a homeowner's barbecue, please clean it after you use it, otherwise a $50 cleaning charge will be deducted from your damage deposit

What about Baby Equipment? Most of our homes provide a crib or playpen, high chair and stroller. Should your home not provide any of the items we can provide you with rental equipment for an additional fee.

We offer even more Baby Rental Equipment as well as Roll-Away-Beds, Mobility Scooters, BBQ's and more... Contact us for more information

What is your right of entry to the home?  All authorized employees of FLORIDA HOLIDAY HOMES or our Repair Service man may enter our vacation homes during regular business hours for any purpose connected to a repair, improvement or the care and management of the home. The home that you are vacationing at may be listed for sale. If so, then there is a possibility that a realtor will call our office staff to request and arrange a convenient time to show the home to a potential customer. Where this may occur during your stay we will make every effort to try and schedule a home showing so as to give you minimal disruption during your vacation.

What do I need to do if any damage occurs?  All damage must be reported immediately to the FLORIDA HOLIDAY HOMES staff. Our contact telephone numbers are readily available in each vacation home. Staff will have the sole authority to determine the extent of any/all repairs necessary to the home. Each guest is responsible for reporting any loss or damage at the home or its contents to the office before they depart. We do offer 'Property Protection Plan"  at the low fee of $39.00 per 30 day period, that covers accidental damage up to $1,500, per terms and conditions.

What is unacceptable behavior?  Loud or unusual behavior and Parties are strictly prohibited. FLORIDA HOLIDAY HOMES reserves the right to evict, any person who creates a disturbance or becomes a nuisance without refund. Violation of any home rules, including but not limited to the defacing of property, and throwing or dropping of any object from patios and balconies, will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent and deposit.

How many will the home accommodate?  Occupancy of each home is dependent on the bedding capacity and square footage of the home and based on the number of guests registered on the reservation. FLORIDA HOLIDAY HOMES reserves the right to evict, without refund, for unauthorized occupancy.

Maximum occupancy this includes any children/infants!

3 Bedroom  Sleeps 6-8

4 Bedroom  Sleeps 8-10

5 Bedroom  Sleeps 10-12

6 Bedroom  Sleeps 12-14

7 Bedroom  Sleeps 14-16

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